Video tools for frontend devs.

Vidstack is a video framework that makes it easy to build and integrate awesome media experiences into modern web apps.

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Frontend + Video = Hard

Since 2017, services that provide media encoding and delivery web APIs have been exploding. In contrast, frontend video tooling... *crickets*. Most current tools are from the stone age and not built for the modern web. They are hard to work with due to a lack of customizability, modularity, good docs, and requiring far too much JavaScript wiring/hackery. Nothing "just works."

All of this is an unfortunate blocker and time waster for many developers, making it truly difficult to build a high-quality media experience that can rival some greats such as YouTube, Twitch, or Netflix. The problem compounds quickly as various challenges go beyond any single tool. For example, uploading media, creating engaging previews, custom players, chat integrations, analytics, and much more.

At Vidstack, we're abstracting the complexity of building these tools into a simple set of web components and low-code services. We strive to deliver solutions that work with your existing tools, scale with your needs without getting in your way, and require as minimal steps and JS as possible.

Ultimately, we're here to make building great media experiences more accessible.


Open Source

You can find most our work on GitHub . Watch the releases of each repository to be up to date with the latest.



Video player built with headless web components to truly make it your own.



Customizable video uploader with multiple provider integrations out of the box.



Collect video performance and user-behavior data with a few lines of HTML.