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Build your own media player only using HTML & CSS

Open-source, accessible, and declarative player UI framework. Completely customizable, lightweight, rich with events and state management hooks.


The package is tiny - use only what you need

We’re committed to delivering the lightest and fastest player package possible. Vidstack Player is tree-shakeable and completely modular. Not only that, but we're one of the only players that can SSR out of the box!


Deliver an experience everyone can enjoy

A good media player experience does not get in the way of a user, rather it meets their needs. We follow ARIA guidelines by applying roles and labels for screen readers, provide a variety of device input feedback, keyboard shortcuts, and captions.


Design the player you've always wanted

We have multiple provider integrations, expose media state as attributes so you can style with CSS, expansive collection of UI components that are easily themed out of the box, and even the option to go completely headless.


Ship faster with our community skin

If you don’t have the time and resources to go down a completely custom route, you can use our community skin to get up and running quickly. Our designs are built with the highest quality and target audio, video, live, and live DVR.

Track interactions

Easily track and manage complex media state

Every player interaction triggers an event, and every event becomes part of a chain. This makes it possible to track events back to their origin and determine how they were triggered (system/user). Combined with our state management APIs, you have everything you need for managing your player.


No matter your stack - it will work

There’s a plethora of frontend libraries and frameworks to choose from today. We strive to provide a smooth development experience regardless of which you choose. Vidstack Player integrates with React, Vue (coming soon), Svelte (coming soon), Tailwind CSS, and more.