Build, ship, and iterate on your player faster

A robust, customizable, and accessible media player library. Easily build and ship a production-ready player in minutes (not weeks) only using hooks, components, and CSS.

MIT Licensed • Beta

Why Vidstack Player?


All components are built with accessibility in mind. We provide keyboard shortcuts, focus states, customizable captions, and apply all ARIA labels/roles according to WAI-ARIA standards.


We’re committed to delivering the lightest and fastest player package possible. Vidstack Player is built on signals, completely modular, lazy loads out of the box, and can render server-side (SSR).


You'll find beautifully pre-styled skins and UI components which can be further customized. If you're building something completely unique, our headless option is a perfect fit.

Framework Agnostic

We strive to provide a smooth development experience regardless of which framework you choose. Vidstack Player integrates with Web Components, React, Vue (soon), Svelte (soon), and Tailwind CSS.

State Management

Managing media player state is hard. We handle it all and provide easy to work with hooks for reading and updating media state. You'll also find a rich event system for tracking state changes and how they were triggered.

Stream Types

On-demand, live, and low-latency live stream types are supported through our HLS provider. Our UI components also adjust to the current stream type, ensuring a smooth user experience.

Join our growing community

A community built for frontend devs who are working with audio and video. Join in on the discussions, share your designs and knowledge, ask for help, and connect with other devs building awesome media experiences.