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An overview on how to configure global keyboard shortcuts.

The keyTarget property can be used to specify the target on which to listen to key events. The available targets include:

  • document: key down events will be listened to on the entire document. In the case that multiple players are on the page, only the player that was recently interacted with will receive input.
  • player: key down events will be listened to on the player itself when it or one of its children were recently interacted with.

The keyShortcuts property extends global player key shortcuts. The shortcuts can be specified as a space-separated list of combinations (e.g., p Control+Space), array of keys, or a callback. This property is loosely modelled after the aria-keyshortcuts attribute, see the link for more information and tips for picking good shortcuts.


If aria-keyshortcuts is specified on a component then it will take precedence over the respective value set here.

Keyboard shortcuts can be specified on individual buttons like so:


If the aria-keyshortcuts is specified on a component, it will take precedence over the global configuration. If it is not set, the player will set the attribute on the component based on the global config so screen readers can announce shortcuts.

👉 See the aria-keyshortcuts docs for more information.

We strongly recommend not disabling keyboard shortcuts for accessibility reasons, but if required you can disable them like so:


This will not disable standard ARIA keyboard controls for individual components when focused.