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Picture In Picture

An overview on requesting and tracking picture-in-picture changes.

The player will use the Picture In Picture (PIP) on supported browsers and WebKit Presentation API on iOS Safari for entering and exiting PIP mode. You can request PIP changes by using the PIPButton, remote control, or via methods on the player instance.

The media remote provides methods for dispatching media-enter-pip-request and media-exit-pip-request request events like so:


The following enterPictureInPicture() and exitPictureInPicture() methods are available on the player component instance for requesting PIP mode changes:


The following PIP properties are available on the media store:

  • canPictureInPicture: Whether PIP is supported by the current browser or provider.
  • pictureInPicture: Whether the PIP mode is active.

The following media data attributes are available for styling based on the current PIP state:


The following events are available for detecting PIP mode changes or errors: