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An overview of using and configuring autoplay.

You can request to have playback immediately begin when it’s ready by setting the autoplay prop:


Autoplay policy in web browsers refers to the rules and restrictions governing when and how media content, such as audio or video, can automatically play without user interaction on websites. Autoplay policies were introduced to improve the user experience by preventing annoying and intrusive autoplay of media.

Key points about autoplay policy:

  • Muted Autoplay: Most modern browsers allow muted autoplay by default. This means that videos or audio content can start playing automatically, but with the sound muted. Users can then choose to enable the sound if they wish.
  • Unmuted Autoplay: Autoplay with sound (unmuted autoplay) is typically restricted. Browsers often require user interaction, like clicking or tapping, to allow media to play with sound. This prevents unexpected noise and distractions.
  • User Gesture: Autoplay with sound may be allowed if it’s initiated by a user gesture, such as clicking a play button. Once a user interacts with the page, media can autoplay with sound.
  • Exceptions: Some websites and media elements can be granted exceptions to autoplay policies, often based on user behavior and preferences. For example, if a user frequently interacts with media on a site, the browser might remember this preference.
  • Developer Considerations: Web developers should be aware of and adhere to autoplay policies when designing websites. They can use the autoplay attribute and JavaScript API with user interaction to control media autoplay.

See the article “Autoplay policy in Chrome” by Chrome for Developers for more context. In short, the best chance you have for autoplay working on a site where a user is visiting for the first time, or irregularly is by muting the media. Try to encourage the user to either play or unmute the media themselves to avoid a poor experience.

The following media data attributes are available for styling based on the current autoplay state:


The following media events are available for detecting whether autoplay succeeds or fails: