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This component is used to display a media poster or thumbnail image, generally before playback begins.


The <media-poster> component loads and displays the current media poster image. When this component is present, the poster attribute will not be applied to the media provider to prevent double loading. Furthermore, this element will respect the loading strategy defined on the media provider; therefore, the poster won't load until the media can (lazy).

We recommend using <media-poster> over the HTML5 poster attribute because the behavior will be more consistent browser-to-browser. The native poster will sometimes load and disappear as soon as the first media frame is ready depending on your preload setting. Secondly, you can place this poster over the media and controls while loading to improve the overall design; you can't do this if using the native poster attribute because it lives inside the browser's media element.


The poster can also be placed inside the aspect ratio container if there are controls outside of the media player:


Loading Attributes

The following loading attributes are applied to the media-poster element:

  • img-loading: Present when poster image is being downloaded by the browser.
  • img-loaded: Present when the poster image has successfully loaded.
  • img-error: Present when the poster image has failed to load.
        <media-poster img-loading />


You can use these attributes to further style the poster as it's being loaded such as showing a loading visual (skeleton animation), or replacing the poster with a default visual when the image fails to load.

        /* Do something while poster image is loading. */
media-poster[img-loading] {

/* Do something if poster image fails to load. */
media-poster[img-error] {